Portfolio results on hulbertratings.com:

See the INDEPENDENT RATING SERVICE, The Hulbert Financial Digest (hulbertratings.com) average annualized rate of return,  audited results of our site’s performance since 9/30/2017, which at that inception date they started with the accumulated portfolio (from our quarterly recommended equal-weight 20 company purchases since June 2015), and they have continued to add all subsequent quarterly recommended equal-weight 20 company purchases, visit: http://hulbertratings.com/since-inception/  .

To see how this site's accumulated - now an approximately 100+ stock portfolio - performance compares to the other sites they track:         REMEMBER: These results are from only BUYING & HOLDING, no selling or rebalancing involved!

for the most recent "trailing 12-month's" performance, visit: http://hulbertratings.com/12-month-scoreboard/

for the most recent "trailing 3-year's" performance, visit: http://hulbertratings.com/3-year-scoreboard/


THE pdf at this link Cumulative Performance HISTORY from 6/15/2015 Inception reflects this site's "Yearly Average" "ROR" (Rate of Return), for the period June 2015 forward through the  "Date" on each line.   "Total Return" includes both "Price" change and "Dividends", from acting at each "Date" on our recommendations to BUY & HOLD: Quarterly invest Equal-Weight in 20 stocks with Growing Dividends.

More specifically – Every 3 mos., after our updates for the months of Feb/May/Aug/Nov invest equal amounts in each of the stocks in our recommended “20 ticker/company PORTFOLIO”, which we selected from our then-current Complete BUY LIST (of approx. 100+ stocks).


As of June 2020, the five-year anniversary of BuySellDoNothing.com [BSDN], its then 110 companies’ portfolio, had matched the 10+% average annual Total Return 5-year performance of SPY, IYY, and Vanguard’s equivalent to SPY – without having any of the top-5 cap-weighted SPY stocks as part of the BSDN portfolio.

Our site [BSDN] has outperformed The Prudent Speculator [TPS] for the last 3+ years that we have both been tracked by hulbertratings.com.  TPS is a dividend oriented advisory site with a remarkably outstanding 40 year 14.13% average annual return, however its recommendations involve not just buying, but also keeping up with its selling and rebalancing.  In contrast to our site's recommendations which only involve buying and holding (you only sell if you need funds)!

From hulbertratings.com:                                                                     BSDN                  TPS

Performance over the trailing 12 months through 12-31-2019       37.43%                26.58%

Performance over the trailing 12 months through 12-31-2020       13.74%                  8.17%

Performance over the trailing 12 months through 08-31-2021       40.14%                 41.34%

Performance over the trailing 3 years through 08-31-2021              15.40%                 13.03%