Portfolio results on hulbertratings.com:

To see the current accumulated performance, from the period June 2015 forward, from acting on our recommendations to BUY & HOLD: Quarterly invest Equal-Weight in 20 stocks with Growing Dividends.

More specifically – Every 3 mos., after our updates for the months of Feb/May/Aug/Nov invest equal amounts in each of the stocks in our “20 ticker/company PORTFOLIO”, which we select from our then-current Complete BUY LIST (of approx. 100+ stocks).

See the INDEPENDENT RATING SERVICE, The Hulbert Financial Digest (hulbertratings.com) average annualized rate of return,  evaluation of our site’s performance since 9/30/2017, which at that inception date they started with the accumulated portfolio (from our quarterly recommended 20 company purchases since June 2015), and they have continued to add all subsequent quarterly recommended 20 company purchases, visit: http://hulbertratings.com/since-inception/  .

To see how this site's accumulated - now an approximately 100+ stock portfolio - performance compares to the other sites they track, for the most recent "trailing 12-month's" performance, visit: http://hulbertratings.com/12-month-scoreboard/

The information below will be deleted on, or about, May 21, 2020.  Because MotifInvesting.com, will cease doing business at that time and transfer all remaining brokerage accounts to FolioInvesting.com.  Motif, like Folio, is a "fractional share" brokerage.  Fidelity.com and M1Finance.com also engage in "fractional share" brokerage, which easily facilitates the every-three-months, equal-$$-weight, minimum 20 diversified stocks per investment, which we recommend.

Also: Quarterly, for independent substantiation of our performance, our “then-current” BUY List is published on MotifInvesting.com as a diversified 20 company portfolio which MotifInvesting.com refers to as a "motif".


On MotifInvesting.com restrict your focus to only the “motifs” related to our website’s diversified 20 company BUY List recommendations, which are all titled: “yyyy-mm-dd DIVIDEND GROWTH Public Portfolio”.

MotifInvesting.com assigns each “motif” (i.e. portfolio) an “Index” value of 1000 when it is first created.  MotifInvesting.com changes this “Index” value daily to reflect the net cumulative result that would have occurred if $1,000 had been invested in the “motif” at its inception (similar to the S&P500, Dow 30, or other stock indices).


Link to BuySellDoNothing.com diversified 20 company portfolios yyyy-mm-dd DIVIDEND GROWTH Public Portfolios for equal-weight-investing published every 3 mos at Motif Investing

 (If the number of "Companies" is less than 20,

it is because one, or more, of the original 20 companies on the list

was acquired by another company, and the related

usually exceptional performance associated with such transactions

is not included in the these results.)

then select one of our published portfolios (the "Full Details" can be viewed if you are "signed-in" to a Motif account;

a fully functional Motif account can be easily opened without funding by indicating you will fund by mail).

-- or --

to find our published portfolios

With your browser go to:

MotifInvesting.com > RESOURCES > Explore Motifs


Search”, with daillak

On MotifInvesting.com in the column heading “Return 1 Mo/1 Yr”, selecting “… 1 Yr” will display the price (only) percentage return for the last 365 days, for only those motifs that were actually created, and published, 365 days ago, or longer.

Also, note that the “Dividend Yield” column reflects the additional percentage return from the dividend for the last 365 days.

[If you don’t see a column heading titled “Return 1 Mo/1 Yr” then at the bottom of the list results click: VIEW ALL xx COMMUNITY MOTIFS RESULTS > and the “Daily Change” column should have changed to a “Return 1 Mo/1 Yr” column.]

[If “motifs” aren’t listed, but instead appear as images, look in the upper area for an icon to change to a “list”.]

[If you have accessed any “motif” (i.e. portfolio) from being signed-in to your personal MotifInvesting.com account, a great deal of additional detailed information is available regarding the companies that make up the “motif”, and you can confirm the date the motif was created and the date of the last change/”rebalance” (if any have occurred).  Also, for each “motif” you can open it and click on the “Performance” tab and examine the price (only) percentage return for any period during the previous five years, by inputting a beginning and an ending date range.]

[For more information about using MotifInvesting.com to investigate the performance of this site’s recommendations, see the August 25 - 26, 2017, entries in our “FAQ Blog”.]